Norway: a hydrogen highway has just opened

Norway - Monday, a hydrogen highway by more than 500 kilometers, linking Oslo to Stavanger, was inaugurated in Norway. For the occasion, a dozen cars running solely by the fuel of the future have participated in a rally.

Equipped with hydrogen fuel cells, green cars in Norway will take the new motorway linking Oslo to Stavanger, the capital of the country's oil industry.

Many hydrogen stations were established by the oil company, and now hydrogen StatoilHydro, along this road so that vehicles can recharge their batteries as it is full of gasoline.

"We must seek new sources of fuel for the future and we believe that hydrogen is a good option, especially since it has the characteristics of a fuel that emits no emissions, and also because we can produce hydrogen from multiple sources, "explains Ulf Hafseld, director of development of hydrogen from the company.

These highways have been built in Japan and California, and Norway's intention to extend its investigation in order to link to the north of Germany.

If the hydrogen car has long been regarded as the greatest hope for an alternative to oil, the cost and infrastructure necessary for its development are still far too high and the electric car is now preferred.

This is particularly the case in the United States, where Barack Obama decided to cancel the budget for hydrogen vehicles to bet on electric cars.

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