The new Hummer is green with a hybrid engine

United States - General Motors has designed an ecological 4x4. This hybrid, already popular, uses little fuel and a power supply.

The manufacturer of large 4x4 Hummer has developed a hybrid that produces virtually no carbon emissions. Consumption is low at 100 miles per gallon or about 42 kilometers with 1 liter.

General Motors (GM), which owns the Hummer joined Raser Technologies 15 months ago to create a vehicle with enormous ecological lithium batteries with a total weight of 270 kg. Always look both at whether imposing Hummer, the new model can go 65 km in electric mode before needing to be recharged. The driver can then stop to connect or start a small gasoline engine to recharge lithium batteries. A prototype has traveled the country for public demonstrations.

The Hummer is regarded as the Goliath of vehicles, but with rising gasoline prices and increasing environmental concerns of the public, GM was forced to adapt. Kraig Higginson, President of Raser Technologies, says that people hurried to address the large vehicles. "They said the solution was to buy smaller vehicles that consume less fuel of course. But no, we just need a new technology "he says.

Although the Hummer hybrid is not planned for sale before 2011, it has already become popular with over 17 000 people have placed orders. It should cost about 37 000.

Hummer in Action:

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