A new Google software to identify the stars via mobile phone

United States - Amateur Astronomers will be able to identify the stars and planets with Google. The search engine has indeed developed a pioneering software that can identify the planets and galaxies from a photo taken by phone.

The technology of Google Earth, called "Star Droid", uses a GPS mapping system, now present in almost all mobile. It identifies the position of the user and compare it with the sky map. The names of stars or planets that may be in the axis of the viewfinder is automatically displayed.

Experts believe that because of increased street lighting and pollution of this century, the city barely even identify the best known constellations like the Big Dipper or Orion. Carolin Crawford, Institute of Astronomy at Cambridge University, said: "This innovation could be very useful to help people understand what they observe. It will be interesting to see what the camera phones will be able to capture. "

But she added: "At night, the sky is loaded. Although Venus appears so bright in the sky, many stars are not visible and can be difficult to capture with a camera phone. " The application, which could be launched this week, is also able to identify the distance of the object relative to the Earth and its position in the constellation.

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