Neanderthal Man: eaten by our ancestors?

France - The mysterious disappearance of Neanderthal Man 30,000 years ago left scientists perplexed for centuries. But today, according to the expertise of a key fossil, it appears that these men have had a terrible end that they would have been eaten by our ancestors.

Cut marks were found at the jaw of a Neanderthal man discovered in the south-west France, in a study by the journal Anthropological Sciences. The cuts on this bone are similar to those left on the flesh of other animals slaughtered by the men at the age of Peter.

The head of the research team, Fernando Rozzi, of the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) in Paris, said: "For years, people have tried to hide the evidence of cannibalism, but I think we must accept what happened. " Mr. Rozzi think jaw provides evidence that Neanderthals were attacked and sometimes killed by humans, who then reported the bodies in their cave to eat them or use their teeth and skulls as trophies.

The Neanderthals have survived several ice ages before dying at about the same time the ancestor of modern humans arrived from Africa on the continent. One of the theories explaining the disappearance of Neanderthal Man is that it could not compete with human face, which had a more developed brain and more sophisticated tools.

This controversial announcement of "cannibalism" is sure to divide the scientific community. Francesco d'Errico of the Institute of Prehistory of Bordeaux does not agree with this theory: "A series of marks of cuts does not prove a case of cannibalism. He added that men might find these bones and teeth are used as necklace.

Professor Stringer Christ, the Museum of Natural History in London said: "We really need more evidence, but it shows that modern humans and Neanderthals lived in the same area of Europe at the same time, that they had reports that some of these reports were hostile. "

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