Natural disasters: a record of the United Nations - alarming

World - A UN report calls on governments to fight more effectively against natural disasters by addressing the underlying risks. If nothing is done in this direction, millions of lives would be in danger. 

In Bahrain on Sunday, the island in the Persian Gulf, the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, has published the report Reducing Disaster Risk: global assessment 2009. 

Between 1975 and 2008, there were 8,866 disaster that killed 2,284,000 persons and the review noted that environmental degradation, global warming and urbanization are increasing the risks. 

Ecosystems can absorb the impact of certain natural disasters, but the change which they have been and are victims continues to reduce this capacity. 

"We all know that the poor and developing countries are the ones who suffer most from disasters," said Ban Ki-moon before adding that "three quarters of those who perished as a result of floods are in three Asian countries: Bangladesh, China and India. " 

As the Middle East, Gulf countries have so far been less vulnerable to disasters. However, rising sea levels threaten Bahrain, Egypt and Djibouti. Many other Arab countries are affected by earthquakes and drought, "said the UN Secretary General in his speech. 

The United Nations therefore calls on all governments to take action today to prevent risks becoming more and whose consequences will be increasingly destructive. 

"In a word, act now to mitigate disaster risks can be one of the best investments a country can make," concludes Ban Ki-moon.

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