MPs will finally be able to surf the web!

France - If members are still not allowed to have phones in the National Assembly, they will be able to surf the web and communicate with the outside world!

Tuesday 12 May, the National Assembly brought the Internet into the chamber. Until now, members could make and use laptops in the Assembly but could not taste the joys of the Internet. This is now done!

Mobile phones remain on them scrambled, to avoid any distraction to parliamentarians. The amendment passed by an overwhelming majority, however, that the bureau determines the conditions under which members are allowed to use their laptops in the chamber, including email services and Internet access. " Members will not be able to surf all day entertainment, the Internet will, of course, remain a source of information.

The risks of increased lobbying feared by some opponents of this amendment, Thierry Mariani, one of two trustees of the text, replied: "The pressure of the lobbies, it is submitted before the daily examination of the text ".

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