Melting ice: a rise in water less worse than expected

Antarctica - an estimated 5 or 6 meters, rising sea levels that could be caused by melting ice sheets of Antarctica West, is lowered. According to a recent study, this increase would not finally "only" 3 meters.

According to an article published in the journal Science, the melting of the ice cap will affect less alarming than expected on the rise in sea level

6 meters, the forecasts increased to 3 meters, which remains worrying, particularly for east and west coasts of the United States that could grow higher than 25% to other regions of the world.

Jonathan Bamber, British researcher at the University of Bristol, and his team explained that the anticipated collapse of the ice cap will not affect all of the ice: some stay well attached to the mainland. An element that has not been taken into account in previous studies.

Rising sea levels could also change the rotation of the Earth by creating a new balance between land and sea change that could cause a difference in the level of the different oceans.

No deadline has been determined in this study but according to a previous research, the melting of the ice sheet could take 500 years.

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