Many mummies and coffins richly decorated discovered in Egypt

El Lahoun, Egypt - The Egyptologists have just uncovered a new series of mummies, sarcophagi were buried in wood and richly decorated, some admirably well preserved.

"The tombs were carved into the rock and architecture presents great variations" said archaeologist Abdul Rahman Al-Ayed, head of excavations at the site, near the Fayoum, about sixty kilometers south of Cairo.

The Egyptologist, enthusiastic, raises the possibility that the dozens of tombs and mummies discovered, including thirty in excellent condition, can provide valuable information on the development of architecture and Egyptian funerary traditions, until the 'Roman era.

"This site has a huge size, so I think we can find many elements. At the beginning of excavations, I thought we were going to perhaps rewrite the history of places and I was right," says Professor Al -Ayedi. He explained: "The prevailing idea until today was that this site had been built under S├ęsostris II [...]. But in light of our findings, I think we'll change that theory and soon announce a new ".

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