The lead pollution have reduced the greenhouse effect

World - As shown in a study published in Nature Geosciences, the lead pollution was to reduce the impact of greenhouse gases on global warming. The particles of lead nurtures the formation of clouds which become effective "umbrella".

A study by the European Union shows that emissions of greenhouse gases could have had much greater effects on global warming if the particles of lead, rejected in large part by human activity, had not promoted the formation of clouds.

Indeed, the presence of lead allows the formation of clouds where the air is not normally quite wet and cold. Sunlight would be more thoughtful on the surface of these clouds, which would mitigate the greenhouse effect in the years 1970-1980, before the mass consumption of unleaded petrol.

"To some extent this has probably led to a slowdown of rising global temperatures, whereas today, almost all of the greenhouse gases are starting to act," says Joachim Curtius, a professor at the University Frankfurt, Germany.

This study did not aim to enhance the lead pollution which is extremely harmful, but it helps to explain the acceleration of climate change in recent years.

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