The label "non-GMO" of meat, fish and eggs is on track

France - the National Consumer Council (NCC) reported Wednesday a favorable opinion on future labeling of meat, fish and eggs, to clarify whether or not derived from animals fed with GMOs.

This is the first opinion to this end in France. Previously, only plants were produced with such a labeling.

"This means that the consumer will know that this chicken, steak such as egg and even as filet of fish (farmed) is an animal or is a product of an animal fed GM-free" says the NCC. He added that "it is only a first step" is indeed now the turn of the High Council of biotechnology to deliver its opinion.

Only raw, unprocessed products from animals fed on plant products for which there are no varieties containing GMOs, or with plants containing incidentally less than 0.9% of GMOs "may be labeled "GM free". This diet should be given all their lives in poultry and at least 3 / 4 of their lives to ruminants.

Greenpeace said he was satisfied with this opinion and the industry calls "to engage in the path of non-GMO."

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