Komodo dragon, the largest venomous lizard in the world

Australia - According to recent scientific discoveries, the Komodo dragons would be much more dangerous than previously thought. Indeed, these poisonous reptiles like snakes use the venom to kill their prey.

These reptiles have a habit of biting their prey and then leave and escape death by draining their blood. Scientists thought they use it to let the bacteria out from their mouth that accelerates the death of their victim. But a new study shows that they use a venom similar to that of snakes, making them the largest venomous lizards in the world.

"The lizard is really poisonous. It has modified salivary glands that can kill large animals due to a rapid loss of blood, "says Dr Stephen Wroe, University of New South Wales in Australia, co-author of the report. The toxin is similar to many snakes. It prevents the blood clot and widens blood vessels, leading to the death of the prey.

Until now scientists thought there were only two types of poisonous lizards: the Gila monster and beaded lizard, living both in the southern United States and Mexico.

The Komodo dragon comes from Indonesia and can reach up to 3 meters long. The research team also found fossils of a Megalania, a lizard 8 feet long that lived 40,000 years ago in Australia. This animal, which is certainly the largest venomous animal that ever existed, is a kinship with the Komodo dragon.

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