Kidney model in 3D to help patients

Germany - As part of a European project, an Atlas of the kidney in three dimensions has been developed to assist in the development of new treatments against diseases affecting the body. 

Coordinated by the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC) in Berlin, this atlas provides physicians with a comprehensive database allowing them to make diagnoses faster and more efficiently. For researchers, the interest is to conduct tests and develop new treatments against metabolic diseases such as diabetes. 

The project brought  together the researchers, doctors and pharmaceutical companies for over 4 years from nine European countries. The atlas is divided into four main sections: the first concerns the genes and list all those who may be involved in disease or development of the kidney. 

Part anatomy can view images of cross sections of kidneys and annotated digitally reconstructed. These images provide information on active genes in each component of the kidney. A video made access a little film on the development of a mouse kidney, with information on the different stages of change. The last case of mutant phenotypes and the genes are associated with them. 

Four and a half million Europeans suffer from kidney disease, and that number is growing. Those most affected are either aged (hypertension and diabetes are factors of increased risk) or very young, in the case of children born with malformed kidneys.

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