Italian-American agreement on CO2 storage

On the sidelines of the G8, the United States and Italy have signed an agreement on bilateral development devoted to the development of capture technologies and storage of CO2 (CCS).

"To avoid the worst effects of climate change, we must accelerate our efforts to capture and store carbon in a way safely and economically," said Secretary of State for Energy Steven Chu. "This agreement between the Department of Energy and the Italian Minister of Economic Development will play an important role in advancing the development and commercial deployment of CCS technologies in the years to come."

The Energy Department has recently announced a budget of $ 2.4 billion to expand and accelerate the commercialization of CCS under the plan for government.

Cooperation between the two countries will cover many areas including production processes, energy systems, simulation, assessment of the potential for sequestration underground or the exchange of research.

It could implement several pilot plants in both countries and exchange of feedback.

Several universities and research center will participate in the program from the Italian side. The National Laboratory for Energy Technology will conduct projects overseas.

This cooperation is part of a broader agreement on research and développemnt in energy, signed in October 2007 enter Italy and the United States.

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