The invasion of exotic species threatens the local wildlife

England - According to scientists, many mammals, birds and reptiles invade Britain, changing campaigns and threatening local fauna and flora.

The experts identified 84 species of raccoon serpentine up the turtle, which could thrive in the country by several decades. Some, like the Bengal leopard cat, escaped from zoos or private collections, while others, like the great Duke of Europe, are already living in remote areas of the British countryside.

Environmentalists are increasingly concerned by the threat of invasion of species, and have already seen the damage done by these exotic species on ecosystems. For example, the gray squirrel, introduced by the Victorians to decorate gardens, has now driven the red squirrel in England. According to forecasts of Natural England, the Agency for Nature Conservation, in 10 years Britain will be invaded by imported Asian ladybird. This aggressive and poisonous insects threaten native species.

Researchers have identified the species at risk are in the country for the first time, and those already living in the United Kingdom and may spread. Poul Christinsen of Natural England said: "The report stresses that we publish the new species and expansion of existing populations of non-native species could have significant impacts on nature and disturb the normal functioning of the environment."

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