INTRACORPOREAL a device that monitors the growth of tumors

United States - The team of Professor Cima of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has developed the first device capable of monitoring the growth of a tumor inside the human body.

With a biopsy, doctors determine the nature of the cancerous tumor in detail. But this invasive procedure does not allow to "see" the tumor to the time of the examination and fails to accurately manage the therapy necessary to eradicate cancer. Professor Cima adds: "With the biopsy, when you get the results, it is too late to prevent metastasis. "

Human tumors containing human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG), a hormone secreted by certain tumors have been implanted in a mouse and the researchers also introduced the monitoring of the levels of HCG. This device consists of an implant containing nanoparticles surrounded antibody specific target molecules. The test was carried out for a month with success.

The device could be implanted at the time of biopsy: it would allow for a salary adjustment and also provide information on the effectiveness of the latter. For Professor Cima, this is an additional tool to provide real-time information on the evolution of the tumor and respond to these changes quickly and adapted.

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