Influenza A: the less developed countries at risk than those in the South?

World - In a statement issued online, Dr Margaret Chan, Director General of WHO (World Health Organization) raises the question of the seriousness of the pandemic influenza Mexico. Mild or severe, that it has long called swine flu could hit different countries in developing and rich countries. 

"Past experience shows us that the flu can cause mild illness in rich countries but a more severe disease with a fatality rate higher in developing countries", reminded the Director General of WHO. 

If, at present, the reassuring news of slower growth or even a "breath" of the virus, are advancing, the pandemic risk is always present. It is recalled that Dr. Richard Besser, Director, Centers for Disease Control and Disease Prevention (CDC), during an interview on CBS. 

For WHO, this is an "opportunity to show global solidarity in seeking responses and solutions that can benefit all countries, all of mankind. It is indeed all humanity who is at risk during a pandemic. "

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