Hydraulic power generator - A float with water power generator

When considering the topic of renewable energy, solar and wind are usually cited as examples in the final performance depends in part on weather conditions.

Waves and tides do not have this problem and also represent a potential renewable energy still too often neglected.

Mike Lowery, the inventor, 63 years of age, living in Blackpool in the north-west England had the idea to design a float hydraulic power generator.

The float may be suspended over a river or a river, regardless of the depth and flow rate. The system consists of a single piece of molded plastic grooved (cylinder) that rotates around a horizontal axis. The moving water rotates two disks on each side of the axis of coils that incorporate magnet as moving magnets produce electric current in the coils.

According to its designer, the generator operates in a silent way and is much easier to transport and install. In the case of debris littered the surface, the float has the opportunity to go over and ensures a flow of water continuously.

A variant of the concept HEB is also available with the integration of two hydraulic cylinders that act as pistons by vertical movements of translation (watch the video).

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