Hubble: 5th and last successful output

The astronauts of the shuttle Atlantis have completed the task of repairing and upgrading the Hubble space telescope yesterday. After the fifth exit, Hubble was placed in orbit and should not be disturbed before 2014.

John Grunsfeld and Andrew Feustel, two of the seven astronauts to carry out repairs and replacements of equipment of the Hubble Space Telescope, have completed their mission yesterday.

At the end of this fifth and final output, Hubble is with a new thermal blanket, new battery, and a sensor that will enable it to move with greater accuracy.

Since Thursday, the astronauts installed a more powerful camera that was equipped with Hubble. Then they replaced six gyroscopes before installing a new device, the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph, which will study the structure of the universe and formation of galaxies. On Sunday, Mike Massimino and Michael Good repaired a measuring device to discover black holes.

Renovated, the space telescope should be able to operate until 2014 without any further intervention is required.

The return to Earth of the seven astronauts of the shuttle Atlantis is scheduled for May 22

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