Hormones in bottled water?

Germany - Dr. Wagner and Oehlman of the Goethe University in Frankfurt have discovered a hormone twice in the bottled water as tap water or bottle, according to AFP.

Plastic bottles release endocrine disrupters in water. In small doses, they could have an impact on health. These disruptors are male or female hormones are suspected to modify the development and sexual and reproductive functions of humans. Martin Wagner and Jörg Oehlman selected twenty plastic packaging of mineral water sold in Germany. All had in common contain polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a plastic in plastic bottles of soft drinks, cooking oils, but also in aluminum interior bricks beverages. PET ensure "the transparency of the plastic, its shock resistance, low weight and its impermeability to water, gas, and aromas. The two researchers used genetically modified yeast and small freshwater snails, changing the first color in the presence of minute amounts of hormones, the latter seeing their multiplication vary by these same hormones. After 2 months in water, the behavior of the two testers was not at all the same. In twelve of the twenty bottled water tested, the hormonal activity is twice higher in yeast and the snails were twice as likely due to female hormones present. The water in the bricks is even more polluted, the reusable bottles less polluted as denial of utilisations.Le industrial plastic food was very fast for them "natural mineral water is one of the most controlled in the food industry. The researchers suggest a possible disturbance in the catalysis of plastic.

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