A hallucinogenic fish in British waters

Polperro, United Kingdom - A fish that can cause hallucinations when we eat has been discovered in the waters of the United Kingdom. This species is usually found in Mediterranean waters.

The Saupe, Sarpa salpa is a fish of the family of sea bream, which is normally found in the Mediterranean and South Africa. But the fisherman Andy Giles seized a Sarpa salpa very recognizable with its golden stripes, near Polperro, Cornwall.

Giles, 38, said: "We fished with trawl and sole have rebounded late in the day. After posing for pictures, I put the fish in a box to show it to experts.

There were only three recordings of Sarpa salpa in British waters so far. The marine biologist James Wright said: "This can only be a fish, a bank incorporated in other species, but perhaps there is more in our seas."

The saupe is served in restaurants in the Mediterranean. But when you eat the head, hallucinations caused by eating plankton that the fish can last for days. In 2006, two men, one aged 90 years, suffered from hallucinations and nightmares for days after eating the saupe in the South of France.

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