Grenelle of the sea: three unions are committed to more environmentally friendly fishing

France - The CGT, CFDT and CFE-CGC are committed alongside the France Nature Environment (FNE) in signing the statement entitled''fishing for environmentally and socially responsible.'' The three unions promise to promote sustainable fisheries and invite other players Grenelle of the sea to join them. 

The CGT, CFDT, CFE-CGC and the FNE are committed to promote "a sustainable marine fisheries and ensures the traceability of food products derived, have they said in a statement. 

The CGT and CFDT, who took the initiative of a platform on fisheries, just to see the union CFE-CGC call them and all other stakeholders interested in promoting Grenelle fishing more respectful of the environment, do the same. 

A partnership between trade unions of fishermen and scientists to see the day that are established and enforced quotas for the balance of ecosystems and the survival of endangered marine species such as bluefin tuna, which is currently under a moratorium . 

Transport, marine industries, conditions for use of resources, coastal development, governance, issues specific to the overseas public sector maritime resources and funding, all the important maritime issues will be addressed by organizations willing to s recruiting, said the press release. 

"The Grenelle of the sea should not be a missed opportunity. It has to engage the concrete to break out of the ecological, social and economic development. We must change the industrial and maritime policies related to it" explains the four organizations. 

An initial report should be published in June to draw up a plan of action at national and European levels.

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