Good sleep to relieve the pain of cancer patients

United States - The team of Dr. Stepanska Research Network Oncology Memphis looked at the link between sleep and pain in people with cancer.

It seems that sleep is not the consequence of pain, but one of their causes. The study involved over 11 000 cancer patients during treatment at a clinic in Memphis. The average age of participants was 61 years, three quarters were women.

More than half of participants reported suffering from sleep disorders, disorders described as "moderate to severe by 26% of them. In comparison to patients not suffering from sleep disorders, people suffering from moderate to severe disorders are more fatigued, experience more pain and are less happy. By analyzing these results and the model, the conclusion is that lack of sleep increases the pain.

Dr. Stepanska explains: "We thought a two-way relationship between insomnia and pain. However, the data do not stick with this model or with models in which pain is the cause of sleep disorders. "

This study shows that sleep disorders should be taken seriously by patients, as the pain felt, it had a bearing on one another.

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