Global Warming: aid to poor countries?

France, Paris - Tuesday, following the Forum of major economies on energy and climate, Jean-Louis Borloo was very optimistic about the creation of an international fund to help poor countries fight against global warming.

The 17 biggest CO2 emitters met in Paris on Monday and Tuesday to prepare for the Copenhagen summit to be held in December and which derive a new treaty to replace the Kyoto Protocol.

Bernard Kouchner, Minister for Ecology, expressed satisfaction at the end of these two days, thanks to the advancement of the idea of creating a fund of 100 billion dollars per year to assist developing countries in the fight against global warming. "This is not final, but we feel that there is a real consensus," he said.

An optimism not shared by all participants. "Everybody is disappointed or very disappointed by the bad atmosphere of the meeting in Paris. The interest was to go over technical issues addressed at the United Nations for an open and frank discussion on the problems. In Instead, the participants have remained in positions crispée "says Damien Demailly, head of WWF climate.

At the end of the forum in Paris, no agreement has yet been reached regarding the reduction of greenhouse gases at the international level while the proposals of the U.S. government have once again been deemed "inadequate" by member countries the EU.

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