Flying in weightlessness, you feel like it?

France - Feel the sensation of weightlessness, is what the National Center of Space Studies at the Paris Air Show on 16 June. At this date, a lucky perform parabolic flights aboard the Airbus A300 ZERO-G Novespace.

As explained Cnes, if outside the Airbus A300 Zero-G looks like any airplane, a simple glance at the cabin that he had no means Regular transport. And for good reason: Since 1997, it is used several times a year by the space agencies CNES and ESA (European Space Agency) for making parabolic flight campaigns.

Specially designed, it can do a series of parables, which achieve at their summit, a sensation of weightlessness for about twenty seconds, and without going to space. Main experimenters: scientists who aim to carry out experiments in weightlessness without recourse to a space much more expensive.

However, if you're lucky, no need to be a scientist to participate in a demonstration flight in weightlessness: witness research activities of scientists, if you are selected by the jury, you will have the chance to experience the sensation of gravity Lunar and Martian parabolas during dedicated. Only one condition: to have between 18 and 60 years and be healthy.

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