The first air operated economic battery

Saint Andrews, Scotland - The first battery to charge the air with a storage capacity 10 times greater, have been created. These revolutionary batteries should pave the way for a new generation of electric cars, laptops or mobile phones.

The cells of the battery called "STAIR" (St Andrews Air) are loaded in a traditional manner but when energy is exhausted, the electrodes pick up oxygen from the surrounding air. The latter reacts with porous carbon electrodes, which produces energy continuously and feeds the cells of the battery.

By replacing the lithium batteries as traditional, with porous carbon and oxygen from the air, the cell has the advantage of being lighter than current batteries. It has a large storage capacity and can emit energy 10 times longer.

Professor Peter Bruce, Department of Chemistry, University of St. Andrews, said: "The benefits are that it is much smaller and lighter and therefore more convenient for transportation. The size is critical for people trying to develop electric cars as light as possible. "

He added that the storage capacity is an important criterion for the development of renewable energies as solar or wind, for example, is not constant.

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