An extraordinary nebula photographed over California, learn it in pictures

The gases produced during the extinction of a Wolf Rayet star gave birth to a nebula in the form of a "bubble" gigantic.

With a diameter estimated at 60 light years, this "bubble" is 5200 light years from Earth in the constellation Canis Major. The star in the center, type Wolf Rayet (hot and massive star, ie), is 20 times larger than the Sun and is currently in the phase evolution prior to a supernova.Cette "cosmic bubble was the aurora photographed by Dr. Don Goldman from his computer located in California and through the lens of a telescope of Australia, set to follow the path of the celestial object for a quarter of an hour. Known as the Sharpless 308 of this nebula is the result of gas emissions by a star at the end of life, resulting in the formation of strong winds. The bubble is such anarchic form according to these extraordinary vents.Sa form can also be explained by the environment in which it has inflated the interstellar medium is not uniform, and the image observed today reflects d one is also amazing

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