Ecological and original wallabies to mow the lawn

Great Britain - Gardeners are increasingly used to wallabies to maintain lawns. This animal as effective as the sheep meets a growing demand from the UK population.

These marsupials, native to Australia and New Zealand, their numbers are increasing in Britain since the landowners are seeking new ways to maintain their lawns. While families with large gardens were traditionally sheep to mow their lawn, wallabies fans say it is an animal friendly alternative more and more exotic.

A couple of wallabies expensive: about 170 euros for a male and 720 for a female, in addition to food and farming costs. Despite this, demand is still growing. Waveney Wildlife, the largest British supplier, reports that demand for wallabies has doubled in 5 years. Trevor Lay, who runs a center in Suffolk, told the Times he sold wallabies now 35 per year. "It's crazy. To be honest, if I had 100, I could easily sell."

Persons who wish to acquire wallabies must have enough land to graze (a quarter of a hectare per animal), and fencing of at least 1.5 meters to ensure they can not escape.

But be careful, though surprised to see a wallaby bounding through a garden can deter intruders, these animals can not be used as guards. "They are shy and harmless creatures, adults only grumble if their young are threatened," said Lay.

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