Drought: Somalia in an alarming situation

Somalia - The drought affecting the country for several weeks is considered the most serious since the country has ever known. It causes an increase in malnutrition, with many children very close to famine.

In rainy season, the Somalis took refuge in towns in the center of the country hoping to find food and to feed children on the verge of starvation. Thus, Dr. Abdirizak Abdullahi Warsame who works for the Swiss Medical Hadia-Somalia, sees more and more people flock to Abudwaq, a city where the rains are scarce and scattered. " The calls for help from the organization for the moment remain unanswered.

"We are now facing a drought in Somalia, which is the worst that this nation has seen from at least a decade" said Mark Bowden, the humanitarian coordinator of the United Nations in Somalia, adding that "about 45% of the population of Somalia is suffering from moderate malnutrition.

Financial assistance from $ 984 million is planned, but donations are expected and at present, only one third of this amount was received.

"This is not the international economic context the easiest in which we ask donors for additional resources, but we believe that the seriousness of the situation warrants," said the humanitarian coordinator of the United Nations in emergency situations.

Somalia is not the only country in the Horn of Africa suffered from the drought: indeed, Kenya and Ethiopia are also affected, although the situation is far less alarming and that they have larger reserves. Reserves which could become exhausted in the coming months.

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