The dream would be good for the brain

Canada - The team of Professor Christoff of the University of British Columbia has shown that a spirit that wanders is a reflection of a very active brain.

Thanks to the functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI), researchers have found that certain areas of the brain were active when one dreams, particularly those involved in the resolution of complex problems.

Dr. Christoff confirmed: "The wandering of the mind is generally associated with negative things such as laziness or carelessness. But this study shows that our brain is very active when we daydream, a lot more active than when we focus on routine tasks. "

To manage simple tasks, it is "the cerebral network by defect" which is in operation. But when the mind wanders, the network executive brain is more active. This area of the brain is involved in the more complicated management task. This discovery, as confirmed by the Nouvel Observatory, is the opposite of what scientists previously believed, namely that these two areas could not work together.

For Professor Christoff, it is better to let the mind wander to solve complex problems: "When we dream, we can not achieve its immediate goal (for example to read a book or to be attentive in class) but the mind takes time to resolve larger issues, such as the promotion of his career or personal relationships. "

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