Discovery of oldest dinosaur proteins

Cambridge, United States - The leg of a fossilized dinosaur 80 million years has revealed proteins of the oldest known to date, preserved in soft tissues such as blood vessels or other tissues. Proteins of blood cells have also been identified, which is a major discovery. 

The proteins were extracted from the femur of a hadrosaurs which was trapped in the sandstone rock that appears to protect bone degradation. The first microscopic analysis revealed structures resembling blood vessels, collagen and proteins of blood cells. These initial assumptions were confirmed by the presence of proteins with specific antibodies. 

Some scientists, traces of hemoglobin are perhaps not those of the dinosaur but a contaminant. However, the discovery confirmed hemoglobin dinosaur opens the door to the recovery of many molecules of the dinosaur, including its DNA. 

John Asara of Harvard Medical School analyzed the protein sequence but for now, his team can not say more about the hemoglobin that is difficult to identify with today's technology. "But we do not think it is a contamination" he says. The study was well conducted, with more stringent controls to prevent contamination. 

8 He found that collagen proteins were compared with samples of live animals or fossils of T-rex and other behemoths. The dinosaur Brachylophosaurus canadensis was placed on the same branch of the T-rex, on the tree of evolution. And as was thought, these two dinosaurs have more kinship with ostriches and chickens than lizards and alligators.

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