Discover the treasures of the King of Stonehenge

Salisbury, England - Stout Tall Man was a giant, a leader who would have reigned in the Bronze Age. His tomb discovered in the famous site of Stonehenge contains spectacular treasures. These precious objects are now considered as the first treasures of the British Crown.

Leftover Stout Tall Man have been discovered two centuries ago by archaeologists. They focused on Bush Barrow, a huge burial tomb overlooking Stonehenge in Salisbury Plain. In this tomb were some objects from the Bronze Age the most carefully manufactured.

Now the treasury is full and ready to be exposed, after 30 years in a safe: the objects were too valuable to be exposed without a safety optimal. Today, the Wiltshire Heritage Museum in Devizes is looking for a funding of 500 000 pounds to build a gallery safe to expose to other wonders of Stonehenge, giving a glimpse of what life was 1 800 years before J .- C.

Archaeologists believe that this is the most important collection of this era. It would have mobilized teams of artisans for years, using materials from all over the country, and perhaps even Europe. The objects are so rare we think that only a king, a military or religious power could have. The museum director, David Dawson, said: "It seems to be a family tomb, in which Stout Tall Man was placed 400 years later. It is almost certain that it was part of this prestigious dynasty. There is no doubt that he is someone important. "

The most impressive part of the collection is a bronze dagger, decorated with more than 140 000 small gold rivets, arranged to form a zigzag pattern on the handle. Among the objects are of sceptres, two other daggers, belt buckle and a gold plate in gold. Mr. Dawson announced: "4 000 years later, we wish to allow the public to see them in the context of the discovery of Stonehenge and the British past."

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