Dinosaurs alive after the disappearance of all their peers?

United States - A fossil hadrosaurs dated by experts, would say to scientists that some dinosaurs survived the extinction that affected most of them.

This discovery led to the theory that some tribes of dinosaurs survived 500 000 years after the collapse of the massive asteroid which perhaps cause the extinction of the dinosaurs.

The bones found are those of a hadrosaurs 12 meters high, a herbivorous dinosaur with a beak-like duck. They seem to come from a specimen that lived there is 64.5 million years.

According to experts at the time the asteroid caused the extinction of dinosaurs from 1.5 million years, but some surviving creatures have evolved to provide offspring such as crocodiles today. These hadrosaurs have survived the disaster and traveled areas near the Colorado and New Mexico to the United States.

The fossils were found 80 years ago. Today, they have been dated by radioactivity and by techniques based on magnetism. Scientists have debated the age of these fossils for 80 years. David Polly, the editor of the newspaper Paleontologia Electronica says: "This is a controversial and some paleontologists remain skeptical. But we already know that crocodiles have survived, then the possibility that some types of dinosaurs have survived if not as crazy as it sounds "he says.

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