Desensitization is not the solution to any allergies

France - Le Figaro said that the desensitization treatment is not effective for all allergies.

In Europe, 15 to 25% of the population suffers from allergies, according to the Asthma & Allergy Association. The main cause is pollen from trees and plants. If allergic rhinitis often occur in spring, for some people they may become persistent.

Beyond the drug, desensitization is the only technique to have proved its effectiveness in addressing the causes of the disease. The allergist determines what type of allergy through skin testing and prescribed or not, almost a "tailored" to reduce the sensitivity to the allergen. Treatment may last from three to five years.

It involves injecting doses of allergens increasingly strong reaction to the immune system. The injections are performed by the allergist about once a month and the patient must wait for at least thirty minutes a reaction does not. Treatment with sublingual route can now do at home, by depositing drops of the allergen under the tongue. This treatment has no severe side effects. Tablets should be available soon.

Nevertheless desensitisation is no consensus among specialists because this treatment does not desensitize more than two allergens and one quarter of patients expressed polysensibles. Before starting desensitization, doctors advise to act on the environment of the patient as an allergy reflects both heredity, emotional state and the living environment of the patient.

In France, one out of two of allergic rhinitis was not diagnosed while 20% of people suffering from this disease also suffer from asthma. Consult an allergist should become routine in cases of allergic rhinitis as a disease may hide another.

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