Darwinius masillae - Missing link found?

New York, United States - Darwinius masillae. 47 million years old fossil, the size of a cat aroused the enthusiasm of the Atlantic. Indeed, scientists think it might be the famous "missing link" between the male monkey.

A veritable Holy Grail of science of evolution, the missing link is a species with a "bridge" between an evolutionary known ancient species, and another known descendant. According to purists, the term is misleading, and prefer him better as "transitional forms".

Presented yesterday at the Museum of Natural History in New York on fossil Darwinius masillae, called Ida, has surprising anatomical features (opposing thumbs and nails in place of claws), which make him a serious candidate for missing link.

Jorn Hurum, head scientist at the museum, who unveiled the fossil said that: "It is the scientific equivalent of the Holy Grail. This fossil show probably all textbooks to be published in the next 100 years."

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