A component of green tea reduce the spread of HIV / AIDS

Germany - The agency Belga reported the discovery by German researchers, on the effects of a component in green tea on contamination by the AIDS virus during sex.

The component identified by researchers at the University of Heidelberg and the Institute of Experimental Virology, Hamburg is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), green tea polyphenol. This tannin plant would have the capacity to inhibit a protein serving as a sperm vector for the spread of the virus.

Researchers explain a small fraction of peptide in human semen increases the spread of infection. These fibrils called spread of the virus infection through semen (SEVI) trap the virus, the cells attach to their targets and spreading and fusion of the virus into cells.

They are interested in an inhibitor of SEVI to improve prevention of transmission of the AIDS virus during sex. Including a solution of green tea polyphenol and applied locally in the female has demonstrated its ability to "effectively destroy the properties of the development of infection. "

The researchers believe their discovery is promising, since the vast majority of infections with the AIDS virus occurs during sexual intercourse.

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