Cocos: a 3D color scanner

The 3-D color scanner Cocos (Contour Color Scan), developed by researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, provides a rapid and safe changes in color or shape of a sample. The acquisition forms takes place through a process of optical laser cut and color through cameras. With the introduction of several detection sensors, it is possible to make full restitution of the sample in 3D. The frequency of horizontal extent, located in a field of 10 kHz, provides a resolution of 0.1 mm in each direction of space and scan at speeds exceeding 1 m / s.

In the area of safety and quality industrial often arises the problem of early detection of changes in color and shape. With the scanner Cocos no more complicated is needed: the color and shape in 3D of the sample are measured to be scanned several times during a linear movement of the scanner. Data can be automatically recorded and compared with the forecast results.

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