CO2 emmission - Unites States contributes 40% globally

World - According to a study published by the U.S. government, an increase of 39% of emissions of greenhouse gases is expected by 2030, at the global level. The need for an international agreement to fight against climate change is increasingly urgent.

The Energy Information Administration (EIA), the agency that provides official statistics of the U.S. government on energy, published an alarming report about the increase of CO2 emissions requirements for the next two decades.

Indeed, emissions could rise from 29 billion tonnes in 2006 to 40.4 billion by 2030 if no action is taken to reduce them. This increase of 39% while resulting in part of global energy consumption which is estimated to increase 44% within the next 20 years.

It is in developing countries such as India and China that increased emissions of greenhouse gases will be most important because of their strong economic growth.

An alarming prediction should guide the Copenhagen summit on climate change held in December. Tuesday, after the preparatory meeting in Paris, Jean-Louis Borloo, Minister for Ecology, called the United States to engage more against global warming by agreeing to join Europe's target of reduction of CO2 emissions

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