The city of Apeldoorn - 100% renewable energy by 2020

Netherlands - The city of Apeldoorn has set an ambitious target to achieve by 2020: increaseing the share of renewable energy to 100%. The stage of 10% for 2008 has not been completed, this project seems to compromise.

Located 70 kilometers from Amsterdam, Apeldoorn has just over 150,000 people and hopes to achieve its goal even though the beginnings are not promising.

"In 2020, all the energy consumed in Apeldoorn will be renewable, not fossil fuels, nuclear-free and produced in our own city" reaffirms Michael Boddeke, head of sustainable development of the city, cited by Le Monde. “The first ten years enabled us to undertake the studies, to fix the roadmap. Now, it is necessary that takes off” he added.

According to studies conducted in 2005 in Apeldoorn, a target of 50% was achievable, but the municipality had in mind to prove that it was possible to achieve a consumption of 100% renewable energy in areas previously and newly urbanized of the city.

Replacement of gas used in the network by a gas more respectful of the principles of sustainable development, waste recycling, partnerships with businesses in the city, implementation of wind turbines, subsidized loans for homeowners who decide to invest in solar and isolation: the plan of the municipality is very ambitious but much less obvious to spot she had imagined. These investments are expensive and people reluctant to engage with the city.

Michael Boddeke is still optimistic. "Setting a goal is the only radical way to mobilize the population. If it reaches the target that by 2025, it is not so serious" he says.

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