Cereal and milk are as effective as energy drinks

Texas, USA - Researchers at the University of Austin have studied the potential of cereal with milk in recovery after sports. Their results, reported by How it works, show that this preparation has the same qualities like an energy drink.

The team of Dr. Kammer has examined the physiological effects of food after exercise. Twelve trained cyclists, eight men and four women, have completed a review similar to their usual training. After heated, the cyclists rode for two hours at moderate speed.

After the effort, they received an energy drink recovery, rich in carbohydrates or a bowl of cereal with milk. Dr. Kammer explained that the study was to compare the contribution of these two foods after a moderate physical effort and to understand their effects on muscles, among others.

The study found that cereal and milk drinks offered energy equivalent to the muscle after an effort. For some muscle proteins, cereal with milk even offer a better synthesis. In terms of prices, cereal with milk is much less expensive than energy drinks and more adapted to a moderately active amateur athlete.

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