Carbon Sciences: CO2 fuel on the road

The Californian company Carbon Sciences Announces that its able to launch large-scale fuel production from carbon dioxide.

The process developed by the Californian company is based on the separation of carbon from the hydrogen. For this, micro-organisms are employed, that act as biocatalysts in reproducing the natural phenomenon of formation of hydrocarbons.

The carbon and hydrogen are recomposed to form methanol, which can be refined into gasoline or aviation fuel.

So far, the failure of this process lies in its high cost: the micro-organisms should be replaced after each reaction. Now, thanks to nano-shell polymer. These organisms can be reused up to several million times, and achieve at a price equivalent to that of ethanol.

The company plans to set up a first pilot plant on a small scale. A solution that is no longer necessary, thanks to new methods of computer modeling, more reliable as well as advances in the design of catalysts. So the next step directly targeted Carbon Sciences: a pilot scale. Once found, the partnerships, the launch of production could be envisaged for the end of 2010.

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