Camouflage or bright colors, the color in the animal world decrypted

While we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the major work of Darwin, scientists at the University of York looked at the colors of animals in nature. They are in fact related to the evolution of species. 

The technique used by many animals lacking specific means to fight against predators is based on imitation: they are the colors of the species capable of defending themselves to be confused with them. By playing the other, the most harmless and easily ensure their safety because, not knowing distinguish species actually able to react to attacks, predators prefer to avoid them. 

However, the Nouvel Observateur us of the astonishing evolution of species with true methods of struggle against the aggressors. A team of British researchers noted that most animals with dart, poison or any other asset to be measured to predators, have bright colors. 

They are able to defend themselves, these species do not have to hide and can not obviate the problem is the most garish colors. However, animals which are likely to copy these colorful face the danger to be more easily spotted in the wild. In this way, members of a species unable to withstand the attack of a predator may be moving to other more dangerous, but are also more visible when they play their chances of survival at all or ".

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