Bionic penguins can swim or fly autonomously

Germany - The German firm Festo inspired by nature to give birth to robots at the cutting edge of technology. Their latest creations: the "Aqua Penguins" and "Air Penguins, penguin robot able to move independently in the air or under water.

"Nature shows us how to achieve maximum performance with minimum power consumption" said a spokesman for Festo. Indeed, the Aqua Penguins, the size of a real penguin, are hydrodynamic as these. Electrically-propelled, they move through their wings, processed as those of their cousins of flesh and feathers, into powerful flippers. They can also turn their heads and swim back. Each robot identifies and moves through a sonar, inspired by that used by dolphins.

The Air Penguins, meanwhile, are filled with helium and resemble small airships. They also move through their wings, which seem to enable them to "swim" rather than fly.

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