Bats are directly responsible for the epidemic of Ebola?

France - The team of Dr. Leroy of the Institute of Development Research (IRD) has found that some species of bats could transmit the Ebola virus to humans.

The same team of researchers had already shown that some bats are natural reservoirs of Ebola virus. The last epidemic in 2007 in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) left suggesting that the virus could jump from bats to humans.

In reconstructing the chronology of the epidemic, Dr. Leroy's team discovered the first identified case, a woman aged 55, fell ill two weeks after having washed the body of a girl of 4 years died of fever Ebola haemorrhagic. The father of the girl had bought bats freshly killed in a market, and could be contaminated by the blood of animals. He had suffered only slightly the virus, but would have passed to his daughter by transpiration. This is the hypothesis put forward by researchers.

The Ebola virus has varying effects depending on the individual. Some may be carriers without experiencing symptoms, while others bear the brunt of the deadly haemorrhagic fever. If researchers focus on bats because the area affected by the epidemic of 2007 or has not chimpanzees or gorillas, animals capable of transmitting the virus to humans. For against, the fruit bats doing stage in April and May during their migration.

Bats are involved in the transmission of several viruses to humans such as rabies virus and the Asian close Ebola, Nipah and Hendrah. The researchers therefore stress to taking into account the migration of bats in the monitoring plans of the virus.

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