Barack Obama unveils plan to reduce automobile pollution

United States - Barack Obama introduced his plan to reduce automobile pollution. By 2016, new cars will not exceed a consumption of one third of the average being consumed today. This standard aims to reduce greenhouse gases emitted by the fuel consumption.

If the primary goal of Barack Obama is to reduce significantly the emission of greenhouse gases, its car should also help reduce oil purchases abroad.

"We will save 1 billion 800 million barrels of oil over the life time of the vehicle sold in the next five years. To give you an idea, it is more than what was imported last year from Arabia Saudi, Venezuela and Libya combined, "said Barack Obama. He added that this reduction in fuel consumption will be beneficial for the portfolio of Americans. However new standards are expected to increase the price of new vehicles of about $ 600.

This plan, whose first steps will take effect in 2012, provides for a 30% reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases caused by vehicles, a decrease of approximately 900 million tons.

"Everybody wins," says Barack Obama, "consumers will spend less fuel, which means spending money oversear will come down, our economy will be better by using less oil and polluting less, and companies will be encouraged to create technology and more job opportunities".

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