Avian Influenza: China announces new advances in the development of a vaccine

China - The national laboratory on avian influenza Harbin announced it has received results of tests carried out on macaques, a vaccine against the human form of bird flu.

Eventually, the vaccine tested is intended to protect humans against the highly pathogenic form of H5N1. Developed in collaboration with a team from the University of Tokyo, this vaccine apply double nasal spray suitable for cold countries . Culture uses very little embryonated eggs, classic mid-growing virus.

This is an adapted version of the H5N1 virus with genes of enzymes present on the surface of influenza virus that is being tested. Of mice and ferrets, the vaccine prevented the replication of the virus in the pulmonary tract. This new study involved chickens, mice and monkeys with a vaccine made from recent strains of the virus. The researchers found a positive antibody response.

For the first time a vaccine against avian influenza provides protective immunity to a non-human primate. Tests on humans must now be made, but already offer a great hope.

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