2500 years ago, the "dentists" adorned teeth jewelry

America - A recent study, techniques dating back more than 2,000 years, allowing individuals to decorate their teeth. They include gemstones to improve appearance.

Pre-Columbian cultures of Central America and North America involving the dentist, or what is approaching the most at the time, to beautify their teeth. They streaks their teeth to decorate or incorporating semi-precious stones.

It is through the study of thousands of teeth from these collections at the National Institute of Anthropology and History in Mexico that scientists have discovered the practice. The teeth come from individuals living on the large continent called Mesoamerica before the Spanish conquest of the sixteenth century. However, researchers can not accurately date their ornaments, they do not know the exact age of these teeth.

According to José Concepción Jiménez, an anthropologist in Mexico, most of these people were using this technique. It is mostly men who were fond of jewelry dental purely aesthetic. Indeed, contrary to popular belief, dental ornaments has been no social distinction. Indeed, the most significant of the time did not have this type of jewelry.

At that time, dentists drilling teeth with very hard stones such as obsidian. Plant soothing virtues could then be applied to the area to work to anesthetize the pain.

The decorative stones were determined by using natural products such as resin or sap of plants, mixed with crushed bone.

To practice such interventions, dentists should have a clear knowledge of the nature of human teeth. They should for example be able to penetrate a tooth without touching the flesh. They put together every effort to avoid infections or falling teeth of their patients.

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